The following are recommendations written by clients and business associates over the years.

"Andrew has always been the most professional of people to work with. From his days at Flaunt to Enigma, I've always enjoyed his demeanor and work ethic."
- Greg Sato, Regional Event Marketing Manager West, FIJI Water

"Andrew is passionate about every project he is involved in, and extremely dependable. He is always open to new ideas/suggestions, and a pleasure to collaborate with."
- Lulu Biazus, Deputy Art Director, FLAUNT Magazine

"Andrew is a pleasure to work with. He is reliable, creative, personable, fun, helps get a vision across on time and powerfully. Love Andrew and would reccomend him to anyone!"
- Arianne Pemberton, Studio Manager, Smashbox

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"Andrew is kind, friendly and a reliable colleague. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for more than three years now and can vouch for his work ethic, resourcefulness, creativity and positive outlook on life and in his work. He is very talented and I'd recommend him for any project and would hire him for my own."
- Lizzie Nodell, Partner/Owner, Dell Et Ruhs Public Relations

"Andrew is on point and understands that sometimes you need to do things differently to keep leading the fashion pack. Responsive, pleasant, and professional. From private events to open Flaunt Magazine events, Andrew has always been a pleasure to work with on every level."
- Caroline Rothwell, Owner, Caro Marketing

"Andrew and I have done a number of events together at venues, for clients, about clients, with magazines, and without magazines. They've all gone very well. He's charming, soft-spoken and imperturbable. He'd be an asset to just about any cool company out there."
- Henry Eshelman, Managing Director, Platform Media Group

"Andrew's events with Flaunt were always worth attending. He has a knack for finding untapped and unique venues, booking exceptional talent, and infusing them with an unmatched sense of style and energy."
- Norman Mayers, Owner, Nu-Soul Magazine

"Andrew and I worked at Flaunt together and he was super organized and professional, and did an amazing job throwing together large scale parties, premieres, and events all over the map. I highly recommend him!"
- Greg Garry, Photo Editor, Radar Magazine
"Andrew was an incredibly hard working and efficient Special Events Manager at Flaunt Magazine. He was always a pleasure to work with, certainly executed some very impressive events, and brought in huge sponsors that Flaunt could not have brought without him. He was an integral part of not only events but also the magazine as a whole, constantly on the go, working on something new, supporting other departments, and directing the interns. He will be an asset to any company he chooses to work for, and I would love to work with him in the future!"
- Tiffany Lee, Owner/Designer, Kid Viscous Jewelry

"I got to work with Andrew back when he was doing Flaunt event work and I was doing product placement. We managed, in a short period of time, to make some magic happen on a few quick projects where without his help and follow through, nothing would have gotten done. I came through on my end with product and I didn't have to chase and beg for coverage of what Andrew promised I would receive. I appreciated his follow through and professionalism and would totally work with him again."
- Matt Meyerson, Sr. V.P. Product Placement, BWR PPI

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